Questions & Answers

What is the parade date and the theme for this year?

April 22, 2023 10:00 A.M.and the theme is “We’re Back”

How do I receive information about the Jr. Parade?
All the information, registration form, rules, etc are found on the web site. If you have any questions, just e-mail your questions to the Jr. Daffodil Committee, someone will answer you.
Can anyone participate in the Junior Daffodil Parade?
There are 4 criteria to participate:
A) Your group must include children.

B) You pick up your daffodils to incorporate into your entry.
A designated number of daffodils is included in your registration fee, based on the size of your group, but more can be purchased by calling our Registrar at +1 (253) 722-8053.

C) That your entry is non-motorized. It must be manually pushed, dragged, or pulled.

D) That you provide a Certificate of Insurance for your group with your registration form.
Does it cost anything to be in the parade?
Whew! Our costs keep going up and unfortunately no money falls from the sky. But we found a way to make the registration fee more equitable and still provide you with daffodils and a button for every youth participant in your group. Now each group pays a registration fee based on the total number of people in your group. Please see the chart below for fees and the number of daffodils you’ll receive.

Small Group (1-15 people) – $40.00
Medium Group (16-35 people) – $60.00
Large Group (36-75 people) – $80.00
Mega Group (76+ people) – $100.00

Late fee – 20% increase in original fee if registration is received after March 30
Does it cost anything to be in the parade?
Be creative, “We’re Back” is a great theme with hundreds of possibilities. Design a float using daffodils (of course) and toilet paper tubes, boxes, chicken wire, egg cartons, duct tape, balloons-the sky is the limit!
Incorporate ‘sound’ with kazoos, whistles, music, voice, and homemade drums!!
Where do I go on the day of the parade?
Registration begins at 9:00 AM at Mason United Methodist Church. Only one person from your group needs to sign-in. You’ll receive your parade line-up number to carry and buttons for all the youth members of your group.
What is the parade route?

The parade begins at N. 29th & Proctor, travels down Proctor and turns left on N. 26th and continues down to the library.

What is the parade route?
Parking is a problem the day of the parade. Please pay attention to the traffic control people-they are there to help you and keep the children safe. You may drop off your children and floats in the drop-off area at the church. Please remember to have an adult accompany your group. PLEASE do not park in “No parking” areas, your car will be ticketed. Do not block private driveways. Please, please, please do not remove barricades and drive thru on those streets!! Again, you will be ticketed.
What do I do if my mom and dad get lost?
The Jr. Daffodil Committee enlists the help from Police, Police Explorers, Boy Scouts, Pierce Co. Search & Rescue – they all are there to contact and reunite “lost” parents & children. There is a designated area at the church for lost kids. Please discuss with your group and parents where your meeting place will be.